Central Coast Poets Incorporated (CCPI): Privacy Policy

Central Coast Poets Incorporated (CCPI): Privacy Policy (as at 01/12/2016)



This policy provides information about the management of personal information by CCPI, including the types of personal information that CCPI collects and holds, and the way that information is handled.

In this policy, “personal information”:

(a)  means information or an opinion about an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable, whether the information or opinion is:

(i)   true or not; and

(ii)  recorded in a material form or not, but

(b) does not include personal health information about the individual.


This Policy complies with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Privacy and Personal Information Act 1998 (NSW) for dealing with personal information collected by the CCPI.


The kinds of personal information that CCPI collects and holds

Central Coast Poets Incorporated collects and holds 8 classes of personal information. These classes include:

  • Members of CCPI;
  • Provisional members of CCPI;
  • Non-CCPI Workshop presenters;
  • External Judges of CCPI internal and external poetry competitions;
  • Entrants to poetry competitions and poetry workshops
  • Users and providers of information and communication technology;
  • Suppliers of goods and services to CCPI;
  • Distribution and mailing lists; and

The personal information that CCPI collects about you may include your:

  • Full name (including former names);
  • Address and contact details;
  • Date of birth;
  • Gender;
  • Financial information such as your bank or credit card details (where payment is required, for example payment of membership fees or competition entry fees).

How CCPI collects and holds personal information

Personal information about you may be collected by CCPI from you, or from a third party. CCPI uses forms, online portals and other electronic or paper correspondence to collect this information.

CCPI takes steps to ensure that the records it holds containing personal information are accurate, up to date and complete.

Storage of information (and the disposal of information when no longer required) is managed in accordance with the Privacy Act.

CCPI has controls in place to protect the information CCPI collects from loss, unauthorised access or disclosure and from any other misuse. CCPI’s controls include:

  • firewalls, access controls, intrusion detection and vulnerability scanning;
  • transactions made using the online portals on CCP’s website are encrypted where possible; and
  • CCPI’s office bearers having secure computer and on-line security systems

The purposes for which CCPI collects, holds, uses and discloses personal information

CCPI will not ask you for any personal information that it does not need.

CCPI collects information only for lawful purposes that are directly related to its functions and activities and when the collection is necessary for, or directly related to, those purposes.

CCPI may also use or disclose personal information in the following circumstances:

  • for reasonably expected secondary purposes directly related to the primary purpose;
  • for other purposes permitted under the Privacy Act, including where the use or disclosure is required or authorised by law; or
  • where you have consented to the use or disclosure.

CCPI will not disclose personal information, for example mailing lists, to third parties to enable them to market their services and products.

How you may access personal information that is held by CCPI and seek the correction of the information

Accessing personal information

Subject to certain exceptions explained below, if CCPI holds personal information about you, CCPI must give you access to the information if you request it.

CCPI does not have to give you access to the information to the extent that CCPI is required or authorised to refuse to give you access under:

  • the Freedom of Information Act 1989 (ACT); or
  • another law in force in NSW that provides for access by people to documents.

CCPI will respond to a written request for access within 30 days.

The contact person for requesting access to records containing your personal information for each class of personal information held is the Secretary, Central Coast Poets Incorporated.

Correction of personal information

You can request CCPI to correct any of your personal information that it holds. If you do so, CCPI must take reasonable steps to correct the information to ensure that, having regard to the purpose for which it is held, the information is accurate, up-to-date, complete, relevant and not misleading. CCPI will respond to a written request within 30 days.


CCPI will not charge a fee for access to, or correction of, your personal information.