Ourimbah Dreaming

In the rainforest

Lyrebird is the first to wake

leaving repertoire for later

his own sweet song rings out across the valley

opening hearts to the brilliance of the morning


those clear notes tone

tuning the vibration of his essence

with the Songlines of this Dreaming Country

harmonizing the pulse of life

enticing leaves to drink the morning dew

and soften breath with mist

dome of Bunya Pine silhouettes against the dawn

as Cabbagetree and Bangalow awake in groves


November evenings herald light

Fireflies emerge from annual slumber

to twinkle starlight through the trees

Satin’s bower is rebuilt

Performance stage bedecked in blue

Frogs serenade in creek meanders

where Platypus reside

on forest trails Catbird is the last to sound

to call the soul to rest


 © Jeannie Lawson, 2013


Jeannie will be our guide through the Forest of Tranquility on Sunday, 8th September. Jeannie is an experienced environmental educator, and recipient of the Pride of Australia Medal, 2011, as well as an award-winning poet. Over the past year, Jeannie has spent considerable time in the Forest, sometimes camping overnight. Her poem shares how the Forest has spoken to her. What will it say to you? 
If you’re planning to come to Poetry in the Forest, please RSVP now by emailing info@centralcoastpoets.com.au or phoning Mark on 0401 862 210.

Read more about Jeannie Lawson here: http://www.harmonyvisions.net.au/
Image from Wikipedia, taken by fir0002 | flagstaffotos.com.au